martes, 23 de diciembre de 2008


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Anónimo dijo...

I have enjoyed and admired your drawings for many years now and have been thrilled to follow along with this wonderful comic strip, and have been translating it into English as I go along.

I especially like the character of Tonio Páramo - the police officer. I like his body and all of the facial expressions you give him. I have one question about his profile. In it you write:

Un alto oficial de la policía lo inició en el amor entre hombres, cuando tenía 40 y sobrevivía de pajas en pajas.

The only translation I have come up with for this phrase is. . .

A senior police officer initiated him to the love between men when he was 40 and was living from hand to mouth.

. . . but I'm not quite sure if that is at all correct.

Is there any other way you could explain in Spanish what " y sobrevivía de pajas en pajas." means?

Keep up the excellent work!

A big fan. . .

Anónimo dijo...

'de pajas a pajas' means from a stroke to another, but I'm unsure if this makes sense in English. It describes someone with no actual sex life, besides masturbation


Anónimo dijo...

Oh! That makes far more sense and really helps to understand the character better.

Thanks so much for the clarification, Rabid.

A big fan. . .

el osculador dijo...

Es todo un tema lo de la traducción.
Rabid aclaró muy bien el término "paja", que en el idioma inglés es "masturbation".

paja = masturbation

Gracias por los comentarios, fan.


Anónimo dijo...

glad to be helpful, a big fan, any time you want.
Just keep in mind Guibu's text, despite being written in a splendid international Spanish, has some beautiful idioms (I guess Argentinian, but correct me if wrong). I could easily miss some of these expressions, as I'm from Spain myself